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Overland is a turn-based post-apocalyptic road trip simulator. You drive a car across America, beset by hideous bugs that emerge from the ground and eat your gang of survivors, while everything burns around you, and you try to survive against overwhelming odds. On paper, it’s precisely the kind of game that should be taking up all of my free time but the reality isn’t quite what I hoped for or expected.

During my second playthrough, Overland confronted me with a horrible scenario. The minivan I’d found at the side of the road was running out of petrol and I’d risked taking a long detour in the hopes of gathering enough juice to keep the wheels turning. My group of survivors had three humans and one dog, and as we tried to gather the fuel cans scattered around the map, we were soon reduced to one man and his faithful hound.

To ensure that my sole surviving human could continue, I had to use the dog as bug-bait, sacrificing the poor hound in order that his adoptive dad could steal a moment to refuel his car and trundle off down the road.

Concept Development Process

The creatures that make the roadtrip so hazardous come in several shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; they’re attracted to noise. That means that almost every action comes with a risk attached: clear some rubble that’s blocking the road and you’ll make a racket, fire a gun and you’ll make a racket, accidentally set fire to one of the petrol canisters you’re desperately trying to retrieve – you’re doomed.

Case Studies