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On a floating tree, in the intergalactic space lives a squirrel named Zippy. Armed with the magical tree of knowledge, Zippy’s mission is to share life lessons with those in need. Drawing from the myths and legends of the past, she educates those in need with the wisdom of the past, keeping ancient treasured stories alive. Along the way, she makes many friends around the world whom all like to play and adventure with Zippy. Check out our latest teaser for Zippy created in a game engine.

Zippy's Vision

Zippy’s Tales has been planned as a global transmedia project from day one. Besides the intended TV show we have already released various apps, games and also ran a theme park (Zippyland) concept at the Auckland central city library that attracted the largest crowd ever to any event at the library.

Zippy's Journey so far

Following is the list of activities and developments we have done to date in expanding Zippy's World.

Zippyland - AR/VR Themepark

Zippyland- AR/VR Themepark held at the Auckland city library during the school holidays in October 2017. Zippyland was a grand success with the biggest turnout of kids ever to an event at the Central City Library in Auckland !
Kids loved exploring stories with Zippy in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Zippyland Activities:

  • Storytime
  • Personalised coloured Zippy talks to kids about Maori Artifacts from the stories
  • Kids enter Zippy's tree in Virtual Reality and explore magical portals that take them to far off places on our planet such as Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China
  • Kids colour magical posters that come alive in augmented reality
  • Kids build personalised worlds in augmented reality

Check out the review of our VR showcase  

Zippy's 3D Colouring App

Self-expression and storytelling have always been a fundamental part of learning, and now you can finally bring your drawings to life in 3D with the latest in immersive technologies, unique to our line of technology-enabled colouring books. We also released the worlds first AR-Enabled Māori Alphabet book in collaboration with Ngāti Whātua Orākei.

Download on IOS

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Zippy's AR Toybox

Markerless Augmented Reality app, means that you do not need any image markers to activate the AR experience.Scan any immediate surface with your smart device and decorate your surroundings with virtual customisable objects. An experimental app looking at how technology may fuel creativity and self-expression.

Download on IOS

Zippy's Kids TV Show Development

Zippy’s Tales has received development funding from NZ On Air to develop the kids TV show concept for Zippy and we are currently writing scripts and developing whimsical and magical worlds for zippy. Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements soon in this space.

In the News

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Check out the world's first AR-enabled Māori alphabet colouring book

Could Zippy the squirrel be New Zealand’s Dora the Explorer?

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Zippyland - AR/VR Themepark

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Zippy's 3D Colouring App

Self-expression and storytelling have always been a fundamental part of learning. Bring your drawings to life in 3D using Augmented Reality.

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Realtime 3D Animation

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Virtual Reality Cultural Safari

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Zippy's AR Toybox

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